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Fine area rugs serve as not only a piece of floor covering, they add depth of style and design to your home. However, they also collect stains, dust, dirt, tears and other damages while protecting and enhancing your home. At Manhattan Carpet Cleaner, we offer complete, professional rug cleaning services for the treasures throughout your home. 

We take pride in giving you a service that completely cleans and protects your rug. We come with years of experience to deliver the highest quality results. We hire the best technicians with both technical and artistic skills to care for your rug. 

Trust us for the best local service when you need a professional rug cleaning treatment. 

Thorough Process, Top Quality Clean

Our service removes the dirt, stains, allergens and other messes that cause long term and permanent damages to your rug. Our rug cleaning service starts with a complete inspection from one of our technicians. During this time, we identify all messes and damages or weaknesses in your rug and diagnose the best cleaning option. 

We perform our rug cleaning process in our state-of-the-art cleaning center. At this facility, we dust, soak, clean, rinse and dry your rug using the best tools and cleaning products. We work deep into the fibers of the rug to remove the messes and deliver you with a completely clean and fresh rug. 

Our trained and experienced NYC technicians work diligently and patiently throughout the entire process. They pay close attention to all details and treat your rug with the care and respect it deserves. More over, our process is organic and biodegradable.

When you need to renew, refresh and protect your rug, call the expert team at Manhattan Carpet Cleaner for our professional rug cleaning service in Manhattan. 

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Pilar Martinez, East View

When you delivered my rugs, I couldn't believe how clean they were. No more stains or dust, just a great looking and smelling group of rugs. They feel fantastic, too.