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Just like the carpeting in your home, your office carpets endure heavy, rolling traffic throughout the days, weeks, months and years. All this traffic causes your carpet to collect a large amount of excess dirt, stains, allergens and germs. These messes leave your carpets, and whole office, looking unkempt and unhealthy. 

Let our expert team at Manhattan Carpet Cleaner perform a professional commercial cleaning service in your office or work space. Our service works deep into the carpet to remove all messes and leaves you with a complete clean and freshness that lasts. It's time to get the finest commercial cleaning New York City has to offer. 

Effective Cleaning Process 

Our commercial carpet cleaning service starts with a deep vacuuming treatment that extracts top soil and deeply embedded dirt, dust, allergens and germ particles. We then move into the cleaning treatment that uses the best available cleaning products, traditional or non-toxic, certified green cleaning products, to break down stains and rinse away all messes completely.

Our cleaning service removes even the toughest office and work stains including grease, coffee, ink, and gum. It leaves you with a deep clean that not only looks great, but also, promotes the efficiency of a healthy work place.

Greener Tomorrow, Healthier Clean

At Manhattan Carpet Cleaner, we invite you to go green with us. Like most companies and offices around the world, we made a pledge to work towards a more sustainable and healthier tomorrow. 

We proudly use non-toxic, bio-degradable and certified green cleaning products. Our products feature all natural ingredients that break down messes powerfully. They leave you with a high quality clean without compromising the health of your office or Mother Earth. 

Let Manhattan Carpet Cleaner clean your office or work space effectively with a professional commercial carpet cleaning service. Call us today for a free in-home cleaning test. 

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Penny Jacobson, Manhattan

Your technicians did a great job cleaning and repairing my rug. I never thought it could look so good considering its age. But you really renewed its look and feel. It's so clean and strong now. I will definitely recommend you to friends.