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Fine Oriental rugs represent much more than just floor coverings. These precious pieces come with rich histories, emotional connections, and monetary value. But, like other fine objects, they need proper, frequent care to maintain their overall look, health and value. 

At Manhattan Carpet Cleaner, we offer local (NYC) and professional Oriental rug cleaning services. Our cleaning process gently removes dirt and tough stains to reveal the beauty of the rug completely. It also protects your rug from damages caused by use and over exposure. 

We promise to give your Oriental rug the care, love and attention it needs and deserves. Our talented and experienced rug experts pour hours of work into your service to deliver the best results every time. 

Only the Best Process for Your Piece

At Manhattan Carpet Cleaner, you receive the best Oriental rug treatment in New York. Our rug experts come backed with years of experience and knowledge and our process guarantees a quality clean that lasts. 

We start our Oriental rug treatment by inspecting your rug from top to bottom. We find all messes and stains, identify weaknesses and damages, and prescribe a cleaning treatment that suits your rug well. 

We perform all our rug cleaning services in our off-premise cleaning facility where we control every step of the process on our own. We clean your rugs using the best equipment and machinery, most experienced technicians, and effective cleaning products. 

Our technicians clean all types of Oriental rugs made from various materials including silk, wool and synthetic materials. We treat each yarns and fabrics individually to ensure the best possible clean without causing harm to your rug. 

When it comes time to clean your precious piece, choose the expert team at Manhattan Carpet Cleaner for a local and professional Oriental rug cleaning service.

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Penny Jacobson, Manhattan

Your technicians did a great job cleaning and repairing my rug. I never thought it could look so good considering its age. But you really renewed its look and feel. It's so clean and strong now. I will definitely recommend you to friends.