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Strong Odors Need Special Attention:
NYC Professional Services 

Sometimes tough stains create strong, lingering odors that require more than just a routine carpet cleaning treatment to remove the offensive smells. Strong odors like pet messes and mysteries dragged in shoes require a professional deodorizing treatment from our professional team at Manhattan Carpet Cleaner.

Pet messes, especially, leave your carpets, area rugs and upholstered furniture with strong, unpleasant odors more often than you like to admit. These messes can cause irreparable damage to your home if left untreated. 

Our methods provide you with a deep treatment the breaks down odors at the source without harming the quality and look of your carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Trust Manhattan Carpet Cleaners to remove all your problem areas with a professional approach, effective cleaning products and the best available tools.

Tough, Expert Cleaning Process 

Our experienced technicians use proven techniques and top quality cleaning products to remove all tough odors from your home. Our technicians work diligently using a deep saturation and thorough extraction methods. This method effectively removes and neutralizes the bacteria which cause those strong, lingering odors. 

At Manhattan Carpet Cleaner, we use only the best cleaning products during our professional deodorizing treatment. These products use a mix of traditional and all-natural ingredients to break down offensive and unpleasant odors completely. They also leave your home clean and safe for your whole family. 

When we finish your deodorizing treatment, you will enjoy a newfound and long lasting freshness throughout your entire home. 

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Pilar Martinez, East View

When you delivered my rugs, I couldn't believe how clean they were. No more stains or dust, just a great looking and smelling group of rugs. They feel fantastic, too.