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Silk Rug Cleaning

Caring for Your Silk Rug

Silk rugs are the most prestigious of fine area rugs. They express beauty, gentleness and class.

As such, you have to take detailed and attentive care to it; otherwise some of the rug's appraised qualities might suffer or even disappear.

That is where we come in. We offer you an expert & professional rug cleaning, repair & restoration services.

Applying different techniques and cleaning methods for each type of rug, we make sure your special rug foundations won't be affected from the cleaning.

Our Care will not only keep its qualities intact, it will also make it refreshed and softer than ever before.

Call today for our NYC expert care services and see for your self the results that you deserve.
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Pilar Martinez, East View

When you delivered my rugs, I couldn't believe how clean they were. No more stains or dust, just a great looking and smelling group of rugs. They feel fantastic, too.