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Avoid Messes in Your Cozy Sofa

Your sofa provides a cozy, comfortable place to rest, relax and enjoy your time with family, friends, and pets. But, these nice visits also cause your sofa to collect a fair share of both minor and major messes on and in your sofa. At Manhattan Carpet Cleaner, we remove the mess with our professional sofa cleaning service in Manhattan.

Over time, the accumulate messes in your sofa like tough stains, embedded dirt and hidden allergens, not only detract from the overall look and health of the sofa, they also lead to serious, long term damages to the upholstery and structure of the piece.

A professional cleaning service for your sofa removes the messes completely, lengthens the life and look of the piece, and leaves you with a deep healthy clean that lasts.

Knowledge, Experience, Professional Process

At Manhattan Carpet Cleaner, we service all types and styles of sofas. We clean love seats, sectionals and, even, chaise lounges, made from all types of upholstery textiles including leather, suede, micro fiber, cotton and wool.

We clean each upholstery style and texture individually to ensure the best possible clean with harming the original look, quality and texture of the sofa. Our process removes the messes by following a comprehensive cleaning process suitable for all types of sofas.

While we offer and perform various types of cleaning services, each starts with a vacuuming session to remove top soils and dirt as well as more embedded and trapped particles. We then clean deeply into the crevices of the sofa with healthy, and effective, cleaning products that wash away all messes with added and unpleasant leftovers.

When we finish your professional cleaning service, your sofa will look new, smell fresh and clean, and enjoy a longer, more beautiful life. Call Manhattan Carpet Cleaner for a professional sofa cleaning in NYC today.

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Travis Flint, Richmond Valley

In my opinion, you guys are the best around. I have never seen my carpets this clean. Stain free, fresh scent and all at a very affordable price.