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Complete Repairs from Local NYC Professionals

When your carpet develops minor or major carpet damages, call our expert carpet repair team at Manhattan Carpet Cleaner. We work with you from start to finish ensuring a quality repair service that meets all your needs.

We come with over 15 years of experience repair carpets throughout New York City. Our team brings a high stand of knowledge and experience to every service. We treat your home and carpet with the care and respect they deserve.

Damages turn Dangerous

Major and minor damages in your carpet stem from various causes. Heavy, rolling traffic produces excess dirt, dust and allergens. These seemingly small pollutants actually weaken the carpet foundation and lead to tears, holes and rips. 

Heavy traffic also increases the amount of stains setting into the carpet fibers. These set in stains created serious fading and discoloring. 

All these common pollutants not only create eye sores, they also reduce the safety inside your home.

Variety of Fixes

At Manhattan Carpet Cleaner, we fix the damages in your carpet to restore the beauty and safety of your home.

Our expert technicians perform the following repairs: 

• Re-seaming

• Re-stretching

• Patching

• Fading

• Color Restoration

• And more

Expertise, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our carpet repair service comes with the quality work of our technicians and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Our technicians work to repair your carpet completely using the best available materials and equipment. We use a trusted combination of traditional by-hand techniques and modern machinery to deliver quality, long lasting repairs.

Trust the quality results from our carpet repair service at Manhattan Carpet Cleaner.

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Penny Jacobson, Manhattan

Your technicians did a great job cleaning and repairing my rug. I never thought it could look so good considering its age. But you really renewed its look and feel. It's so clean and strong now. I will definitely recommend you to friends.