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A real professional clean

A fine area rug in your office is a thing of both beauty and prestige. But daily use can cause it to accumulate dirt, stains, allergens and germs, leaving your office less healthy and attractive than it should be. When that's your situation, it's time for our commercial area rug cleaning in Manhattan, NYC.

Clean Rug, Safe Office

That's where our area rug experts can help. We clean deeply-but-gently into area rugs and to make them fresher and healthier. We extract surface and deeply embedded dirt, dust, allergens and germ particles with deep-vacuuming. We then dissolve stains and remove them completely with traditional cleaning products, as well as non-toxic, all-natural cleaning products to help protect employees and the environment.

Our cleaning service removes even difficult stains such as grease, coffee, ink, and gum. The result is an appealing clean that also contributes to a healthier workplace.

Look to us for truly expert commercial area rug cleaning in Manhattan and NYC. We bring you quality service, excellent results and complete satisfaction with our work. Call us to learn more. 

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Pilar Martinez, East View

When you delivered my rugs, I couldn't believe how clean they were. No more stains or dust, just a great looking and smelling group of rugs. They feel fantastic, too.