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Your Persian Looking beautiful ones again 

In order to keep its qualities, your Persian area rug needs to be thoroughly cleaned every couple of years, even more if it's located in a high traffic room. As time pass, dirt accumulates and gets stuck inside the fibers, slowly weakening and making it more prone to tears.

When your rug gets cleaned as it should, using the right tools, and with the right methods applied, it can keep looking beautiful for many years, and maintain it's form. 

Our process

Our process starts with a thorough inspection of the rug, to determine its exact state and find areas that require special attention. 

Then, after settling on the proper treatment, we perform "dusting", which is an extremely important part of the process, although ignored at time by cleaning by many cleaners.

We dust your rug with a special machine to remove deeply embedded dirt, so it wont get stuck later in the cleaning process. the next step is the actual cleaning, where we use dry cleaning technique or one of our water cleaning methods. Then follows drying in a temperature regulated room and final touch ups.  

This type of care allows us to cater for your spesific Persian rug needs, with it's unique state, age, origin and collection. We work hard to make sure we give our customers expert care, for which we combine new tools and techniques as well as old and proven ones. 

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Travis Flint, Richmond Valley

In my opinion, you guys are the best around. I have never seen my carpets this clean. Stain free, fresh scent and all at a very affordable price.