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Silk Rug Repair

Can Your Rug Be Restored?

Silk rugs are among the most beautiful and prestigious of fine area rugs. Yet without regular, highly-attentive care, a silk rug can lose much of the value and appearance that causes you to prize it. 

If you’re facing this dilemma, look to us. We offer highly-skilled, yet highly-affordable repair and restoration services for silk rugs of all colors and sizes - in Manhattan & NYC. 

Local experts in silk rug repair

We have at our disposal a variety of different repair methods for silk rugs. Each is matched to the individual rug to make sure its foundation will remain undamaged during the repair and restoration process.

As a result, our care will not only keep the qualities of your rug intact, it will also refresh it and leave it softer than ever before.

For expert silk rug repair in Manhattan, NYC call today to learn more about our services.  

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