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Persian Rug Repair

Return your Rug to Original Glory

Persian rugs are often precious family heirlooms and handmade works of art. But time and use cause a fine Persian rug to deteriorate, no matter how well you care for it. When that happens, our Manhattan, NYC Persian rug repair experts have the specialized skills to repair and renew your treasured possession. 

Persian rug repair you can trust 

Since every Persian rug is different each one requires a specific cleaning process. So we begin our work with a careful pre-inspection. We look for the smallest signs of fading, stains, discoloration, odors, wear, pre-existing damage and color instability.

We then choose the appropriate cleaning method to ensure that your rug is returned to you in the best possible condition.

Look to us for only the finest in professional, expert repair for Persian rugs in Manhattan & NYC. Call  today to learn more. 

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Pilar Martinez, East View

When you delivered my rugs, I couldn't believe how clean they were. No more stains or dust, just a great looking and smelling group of rugs. They feel fantastic, too.